How do I start trading on financial markets?

What to understand with financial markets?

Global trading platforms at which assets are exchanged for others are called financial markets.

Individuals that execute transactions of financial markets.

How to Open an Account is the page which will instruct you about the necessary first steps to take on financial markets and earning experience as a.

How do I earn money as a trader?

The difference between the buying and selling of an asset is called the trader's profit. Even though it might look easy, it is advised that for executing your trading strategy should be added caution and attention to detail and market trends.

What is necessary for me to start trading?

SIgn up to the registration area, choose your trading platform, base currency, desired leverage and fill in the details to create your trading account.

How do I BUY and SELL on financial markets?

Read the following description:

Buy (opening Long position)

When you choose to open a Long position, also known as Buying, you expect the asset value to rise

Sell (opening short position)

When you choose to open a Short position, also known as Selling, you expect the asset value to fall.

How do I open an order?

Choose the currency pair you want to trade.

Click on "New Order" on the panel, set the order volume and remember to always set the Take Profit and Stop Loss values.

Choose "Buy" or "Sell" depending on your decision.

Congratulations! Your first order has been placed successfully!

What is to be understood by a trading strategy?

A group of rules set and used by traders in their trading operations, is called a trading strategy. Analysis methods,
strategies, order durations and tacticts are all unique for every trader.