How-To: Open an MynetCoin account.

If you’re ready to start earning profits in the trading world, no matter which one the market is: Forex, Stocks, Digital Currencies, Indices or Commodities, you’ve landed in the right place.

We carefully designed this instructions page to guide you through opening your trading account.

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What should I as a beginner choose for an account type?

The most suitable account type for beginners is of course the Junior Account. It contains all the necessary tools and instruments,
24/5 support, market analysis and much more. We provide the most popular platform MynetCoin WebTrader which is beginner-friendly,
at the same time containing all the necessary features for a smooth trading experience.


Junior accounts are planned and designed
for people new into the trading world.
Easy to use functions, access to multiple
trading instruments and high leverage to catapult
you into profits.


Advanced accounts are intented
for more experienced traders,
who demand even more
opportunities and tools to
execute their orders.


Elite accounts are exactly what much
more advanced traders are looking for.
Experts with higher expectations and excellence demanding in every detail. All instruments available.Countless opportunities, countless profits.

What currency should I choose for opening my account?

We recommend choosing one of the popular currencies when you’re first opening your account. With time and gaining experience, you can then switch to other currencies for your trading account.

The most popular base currency worldwide in the markets in the United States Dollar. It is recommended to be used as a base currency, since it is most suitable and most of the assets in the world are traded on the US Dollar.

If you're living in Europe it is most likely that your base currency is EUR. Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, are all executed in the EUR currency. It is the second most popular used currency after the US Dollar.

What is the leverage in the trading markets?

The leverage is a great instrument used to maximise your trading opportunities utilizing borrowed funds. Generally, the value represents the correlation between your funds and the borrowed ones. As an example, you might say that the leverage value 1:10 means that you can trade 10 times worth your money invested.

Leverage is a double-edged sword, meaning as helpful as it can be, if not utilized right, can be counterproductive and result in loss. The higher the leverage that you use, the higher the risk that you take, and the higher the profit will be if your position results in profit.

Have we successfully explained all the necessary information you need to start trading? Magnificent!

This means you’ve made up your mind and chosen your starting account type, your preferred base currency and the platform you are going to use.

How-To: Deposit funds to my account.

Sign In to your Members Area and go to:

Deposit section

Select the desired
trading account at
the dropdown list

Click "Deposit"

Select the amount
to be deposited
into your account

"Checkout Now"

Select your
payment method
and execute the

How much money is necessary to start trading?

To be able to start opening your positions you first need to have a minimum amount of $250 in your account. There’s a very low minimal required amount of money to start opening positions, namely 10 USD. If you wish to trade on a bigger scale, and grow the size of the profit, you would need to raise that deposit amount. It is recommended that the maximum amount that you put into trading is not more than 20% of your savings.